This charade of democracy

It was enough
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The current Senator Gloria Inés Ramírez being school teacher Hans Drews Arango was the person I linked to the Union of Pioneers José Antonio Galán, the expression of the PC Scout , it made for 1986 and linking me to an election campaign, that of Pardo Leal almost 30 years ago ... I feel that has been enough to participate in games supposedly "political" scenarios and so-called " election " .

We restricted democracy of the constitution of 1886 , at a fictional representative democracy in 1991 and have never come to real democracy , the participative yourself one question: how many referendums or plebiscites have been in Colombia since we exist ... ONE ! shame ! and in 22 years of talking about referendums / local have been 17 ! Shame we ! and who still do not understand that a majority of councilors , mayors , congressmen, governors , congressmen , the president of the republic himself , with some rare exceptions : most ONLY represent yourself, your interests first , their second partners , who funded from legal or illegal or " washed" campaigns third ... and there in a last place you go and mark it on the ballot , who still NOT understand that operate in this country and the absolute majority of the chosen to pose right, center , left, or require glasses or hearing aids or a new brain

We have a historical tradition of leaders aberrant worsened in the last period with Uribe or demigods messiah as Mockus you fuck any chance of electoral exercises that allow a real transformation of the country. And in the towns the thing is the same or worse , some daring IICA are small or demigods messiah but really are " chiefs " or "lords" of electoral domains handled generally with chamomile leaves the public purse we all pay with our taxes but few are at your service. And clarify, this aberrant form of pseudo democracy , full of stupid " personality cults " parties are supposedly living in right, center , left or figurative ...

This charade of democracy starts with the parties what is the rate of internal party democracy ? is ridiculous ! They range from those created and / or controlled by families , even those where the legal representatives have been reelected indefinitely and have the resources available to pay those parties - if ! We pay them running! And without any audit ! - Have used them as " original capital " to get rich but pose as "different" , "progressive" , etc being the real protagonists of the book " Iron Law of Oligarchy " : / pj3yD .

That's my short 30 years later. That jartera !

When I told my repulsion to Gustavo Alvarez Gardeazabal POLITICAL CAPITAL most of my readers , I replied " not water to drink , let it run ... " and so is hard to say " NEVER drink this water " but for now, and for several years , I refuse to validate this aberration will see me as an activist of the " POLITICS " of the " polis " , from academic spaces , civic , technical , opinion, etc ... but what election elections and the so-called "political parties"has been enough! .
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